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  • Adam Smith

Four Ways to Protect Your Mental Health during the Covid-19 2nd Wave

Entrepreneurs are more stressed than ever before. A Canadian mental health study found that 62% of business owners felt depressed at least once a week, and 54% said that stress impacted their level of concentration at work. This study was conducted pre-covid, and we can only imagine how much the percentage has grown amidst the pandemic, especially now that we are facing a second wave. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner you have most likely invested a large chunk of your time into building your business. The unintentional result of this is that the performance of your business becomes largely responsible for your mental stability, feelings of fulfillment, and productivity in all other areas of your life. Most industries have experienced a stranglehold of sorts during this pandemic and we have all had to adapt to the swift change of circumstances, but the more we hold on, the more it seems this pandemic just won’t disappear as many had predicted. As we find ourselves amidst the second wave of this virus, it is even more necessary to take care of our mental health. Here's how to do that:

1. Focus on the work, not the numbers

2. Invest in creative outlets

3. Journal out your frustrations

4. Don't dismiss therapy

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